Are you tired of diving in groups of 8, 10 or 15?

Would you like to feel safe with passionate professionals, instructors who brief you properly and explain everything clearly and honestly? Professionals who respect the training standards and the environment, and who make diving a fun experience without wondering when their day is going to be over?

Globe-Divers is made for you!

At the forefront, Globe-Divers is a human adventure, nourished by hundreds of divers and their families who want to enjoy a diving holiday without having to worry about their safety. Created in order to offer different kinds of dives, focused on sharing within a small group, Globe-Divers helps you to choose what suits you best.

Diving with Globe-Divers guarantees a maximum of 4 students per class, regardless of the level, and a maximum of 4 divers per group. It also offers you the guarantee of a human touch, with lively chats, customised recommendations, and sharing and safety.




Whether you are going to Thailand or Egypt, Globe-Divers ensures you receive a service that is adapted to your level, your budget and your needs, all whilst in the greatest respect of the environment.

Cruises, one-day expeditions, training or snorkelling, Globe-Divers is here to make your stay unforgettable, be it on land or at sea!

With your family, with a club, on your own or with a small group, whether you are experienced, or new to diving, you will always be welcomed and received with professionalism, in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Quality of the supervision and safety are unquestionable priorities for Globe-Divers: you are a person, not a number! We guarantee you an honest service, with no unwanted surprises, with providers who we know and trust and who share our philosophy and values.

If you are looking for training for the first time, or to take your education further and get higher qualifications, we can discuss it with you, assess your level and offer you the best option to fit your needs after a first dive. We refuse to sell you a package without knowing you: we provide you with tailored advice so that your experience is nothing but a success!

Our wish is not to sell you a package at any cost: it is to train you with seriousness and commitment, to make you a real diver.

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalized estimate!

Welcome to Globe-Divers, and see you soon to dive differently!

Happy dive

The Globe-Divers Team