Trip M: Burma – Mergui Archipelago – Black rock, Western Rocky, Twin Island and Shark Cave – 6 days/6 nights (22 dives)

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Day 1

Meeting at 12:00 o’clock in the diving school of Loma Diving in KhaoLak, preparation of the equipment and completion of the formalities. Transfer by minibus to the harbour in Kuraburi or Ranong. Boarding the ship. Departure time is between 15:30pm and 17:00pm.

Day 2

We start with easy dives on High Rock and Rocky 1: Rays and Cobias are to be found here quite often, and many small fish are resident in the corals gardens. Cornetfish, Angler Fish as well as Seahorses are to be found here often, just as many different kinds of nudibranches.

Two other dives in the afternoon will take place on one of the best diving places in the archipelago, the Shark Cave. This diving place is known for his nurse’s sharks who rest during the day in the cave, before they go hunting in the evening. Round the rock one also has a very good chance to see manta rays, eagle rays, grey sharks and with some luck also a whale shark.

Day 3

On this day our adventure safari leads us to the probably best known dive sites in the archipelago, to Black Rock. Far from the coast in the open sea there lies this rock and it is a unique centre of attraction for rays and sharks which can be seen if there is good visibility. In the coral gardens all around the rocks countless small creatures are also resident. We find cornet fish and angler fish here regularly.

Day 4

On our third diving day we start with Twin Iceland, three dives around North Twin and a dive around South Twin. These remote dive sites are on the west side of the archipelago to the open sea and offer especially good sights and the best chance for great marine life. Gigant sea fans decorate these diving sites. This area also attracts rays and sharks.

Day 5

On the fourth diving day of our safari we visit the dive site The Arch, Boulder Rock and McLeod Island. Here the underwater world offers spectacular, wonderful and colourful soft corals with plenty of small stuff like cornetfish many different types of
nudibranches, schools of perches, as well as the possibility to see different species of whale sharks on Boulder Rock. McLeod Island an excellent place for a night dive or to relax on one of the beautiful beaches.

Day 6

The fifth day of our safari offers breathtaking places like Seafan Forest Pinnacle, which is, covered with gigantic gorgonian around the entire rock. Because of the remote position in the open sea, there is a good chance to see big fish like sharks and rays, also Octopuses, harlequin scrimps and sepias are resident on this site.

After two dives here we move on to Western Rocky, to one of the most spectacular diving sites in the southern part of the archipelago. Here the highlight is the gigantic cave at 20-metre depth which runs through the whole rock. Even for beginners it is an easy dive, because from every point of the cave the exit can be seen. On the outside you can see any luck guitar rays, nurse sharks, grey sharks, sepias, angler’s fish, seahorses as well as a lot lobster etc

Day 7

On the last day of our safari we call at the dive sites Shark Point and Secret Lagoon. Here the dive sites you see wonderful, coloured corals with small hidden caves. Black point sharks, shawls of Tuna and Perches, Sting Rays and also Tortoises are inhabitants, all around this island.

After our last dive in the morning we begin the return journey to Kawthaung in Myanmar. On arrival in this busy commercial town on the border to Thailand, we have some time to visit the local market. After completing the border formalities with the Burmese authorities we begin our second leg of the journey to Kuraburi in Thailand where we will arrive in the evening about 18:00pm.

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