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The mythical RICHELIEU ROCK!

Richelieu Rock is THE most beautiful site around. Famous worldwide, it is part of the Surin Islands National Park, located 18km away towards the West. Mainly accessible by cruise, you can also get there on a speed boat (taking around 1h45). The large day-diving boats cannot access it because it is too far away.

You might hear many stories about the discovery of the rock but our favourite is the following:

In the 1960s, during a trip in the Similan, Commander Cousteau asked local fishermen to take him to an unknown site where he could dive in the middle of nowhere. The fishermen took him to this place, where about one metre of the highest rock tip is visible from the surface during low tide and invisible during high tide.

As soon as he submerged, the Commander was flabbergasted by the purple and red colours of the thousands of octocorals that reminded him of the cape of the Cardinal Richelieu. This is how he came up with the name of the site!

Richelieu Rock is one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world. 





In the shape of a horseshoe, the rock is covered with a very bright green herb called “turtle herb”, which creates a perfect contrast with the dark colour of the rock itself. Entire carpets of anemones also cover part of the reef. Beneath, you can admire these thousands of purple octocorals. The site goes down up to 35 metres (even 40 in some places), and if you look well enough, you can find plenty of seaweed pipefish and even, if you’re lucky, seahorses!



The site is full of rifts and cavities in which you can look for prawns of all sorts, nudibranchs, ghost pipefish and even trunkfish. The site is also known to shelter an important community of “mini” trunkfish, no bigger than a fingernail, and also porcelain crabs hidden inside of anemones!



In the big blue, you will see entire shoals of bonitos, tunas, bar jacks, plataxes and many more, mixed up with thousands of snappers, fusiliers and squirrelfish in droves!



The site is ideal for the macro aficionados as well as for bigger fish lovers.

Coming back disappointed from Richelieu Rock is impossible. A new surprise waits around every corner. Octopuses, couples of cuttlefish, marbled groupers; it is the most impressive concentration of marine life that you can find here in Thailand.

Totally open and unprotected, sat in the middle of nowhere, the famous rock brews a lot of currents and consequently, food for pelagic fish.

It is not rare to meet the mythical whale shark in Richelieu.



Beginners are welcome, but because of potentially strong currents, it is highly recommended that they hire a private guide. The site is normally reserved to experienced divers.


Minimum/maximum depth: from the surface to 35 metres
Current: low to very strong. Currents can change very quickly at Richelieu and affect your diving conditions. Enquire beforehand.
Level: beginners are welcome but they will be safer with a private guide and within a small group.
Visibility: normally very good.


Such pretty sharks…

It’s that time of the year again!

From January, the migration of whale sharks, as well as that of the manta rays, passes through our beautiful Similan and Surin parks! The encounter with a whale shark, a quest for all, is always a unique and unforgettable moment.

Many youths, curious and looking for contact, pass through the area, and it can be quite common to find yourself only a few centimetres away from a baby or an adult whale shark who wants to establish eye contact with you.



Do you want to learn more about their habits, their habitat, their diet and the best way to interact with them? Get in touch with Globe-Divers and follow a special “sharks” course that will allow you to study them, classify them and become a real shark protector! 


Become a participant of protecting sharks and click here!

Of course, because we love these animals, we want to be able to enjoy their presence more and more, year after year… This is why, if you cross path with one of these marvellous creatures, we invite you to respect the following rules:

– Never chase them: they are very curious by nature and their poor eyesight encourages them to get closer to what they don’t know. If you start chasing them, they will scan you and only leave you with a vague memory in their wake! And then, it might take hours and even days before they reappear…

– Never touch them: just like the manta rays and other marine animals, their skin is covered with protective mucus that protects them against aggressors. If you touch them, no matter where you brush them, you remove this protective film and their skin is then exposed to all sorts of bacteria and germs. Infections can then develop and get worse quickly, and seriously endanger the health of the animal.

Unfortunately, too many divers still get tempted by this closeness that allows them to touch the animal by just reaching out, But they ignore the consequences of doing so.

Thanks for helping us with the prevention and education of ignorant divers: DO NOT TOUCH MANTA RAYS AND SHARKS, as well as any other marine animal. This is for their own safety, thank you!



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