From June to mid-November, Globe-Divers also offers liveaboards in one of the 10 most beautiful diving spots in the world: the Red Sea!

In partnership with a centre specialized in top of the range liveaboards, Globe-Divers guarantees a unique and unforgettable experience. Oriented mainly on Southern circuits (Brother Islands, Rocky Island, Daedalus, St Johns Reef, etc.), we will take you to discover the best diving spots.



Wreck lovers will also feel blessed, with many wrecks in the Red Sea. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, go with Globe-Divers and explore the most beautiful wrecks of the northern Red Sea, from the Thistlegorm to the world famous Rosalie Moller, without forgetting the magical wrecks of Abu Nuhas. Discover these extraordinary remains that defy time.

Globe-Diversoffers a wide variety of cruises thanks to a strong fleet of seven high-end boats. With experienced captains and crews dedicated to you any time of the night and day, we guarantee you the best quality of service.

Choosing Globe-Divers for your cruise in the Red Sea is choosing the safety, quality, comfort and real customer service!


The diving safaris routes we offer on our boats gives you access to all of the most beautiful reefs in the Red Sea, including the most inaccessible ones. Wrecks defying time, incredible walls covered with soft coral and sea fans, whole hard coral gardens, all kinds of pelagic, dolphins and countless varieties of reef fish are waiting for you. All of our partners are allowed to sail to the offshore islands that belong to the aquatic parks of zones I and II. A detailed description of our itineraries and diving spots will help you choose the destination for your next trip and will certainly make you want to come back!


Diving from these specialized boats offers you the possibility to reach remote dive sites with an abundance of marine life and preserved coral, not to mention the comfort and convenience of not having to make day trips.

When diving from a cruise ship, you have a wide range of diving sites within your reach, where marine life and fish are rarely disturbed, which makes them curious. It is therefore very likely that you will end up close to these creatures during your dives, to the point where you will feel like part of their underwater paradise.



During your stay, you will have the freedom to prepare your own itinerary based on your profile while enjoying the best advice.

No need to carry heavy air tanks and equipment as you do during day trips: all the diving gear you need is stored on the boat when not in use and easy to access when you get close to a diving site. This means you make the most of your dive time and you can also dive more often! In addition, when an opportunity to dive arises, your equipment is ready and waiting for you. All the underwater photographers always say they have many more opportunities during cruise holidays!

On board, you have free access to food and beverages, always available between each dive. Relax in your spare time in your fully equipped cabin, take a hot shower or enjoy a drink at the bar!

Diving on liveaboards are an option that has been favoured for a long time by Red Sea lovers. In the 1970s, local fishermen were taking divers to remote locations where they could discover the fabulous reefs of the Red Sea, until bigger, more comfortable boats were built after a strong increase in demand in order to provide dive cruises.


More than 30 years later, what was once an uncomfortable experience in which divers were cramped became one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to explore the underwater beauty of the Red Sea, in a five-star setting.

In addition, El Gouna and Marsa Alam accommodate a diving medical centre equipped with the latest diving chambers right on the Red Sea shore.

Finally, for even more safety, our affiliation with DECO International means that we are also able to offer our clients medical coverage in case of a diving accident for an additional cost of €7 per person.

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