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To satisfy our divers and sea lovers, Globe-Divers chose to work with several partners in order to best meet your needs, your wishes and your budget.

The rates shown are basic prices in connection with our most competitive partner.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote!

Globe-Divers will offer you at least one option on 2 different boats with the benefits of each package so that we can define together the package that suits your demand the best.

Globe-Divers guarantees a personalized and honest service without bad surprises!



Globe-Divers instructors are certified (Padi-FFESSM) and they are passionate teachers.

Discovery dive (2 dives) 6600 baths (about €150)
Open Water 20,000 baths (about €450)
Referral OW (additional) 6,000 baths – 2 local dives et 2 dives in Similan. (about €135)
Referral OW (additional) 8,000 baths – 4 dives in Similan (about €180)
Scuba Review Tune-up 1,200 baths – 1 dive (about €25)
Advanced 8,000 baths – 5 dives (about €180)
Nitrox max 40% From 6 000 baths according to the options you pick up
Deep Diver 40m 6,000 baths – 3 dives (about €135)



The prices quoted above must be added to the price of your dive trip, except for:

– The discovery dive whose price is set at 6,600 baht all inclusive

– The Open Water course which is priced at 20,000 baht all inclusive: theory, practice in a protected environment (pool or lagoon) and dives from the boat.


*Prices shown for the formations include the pedagogical support (French subject to availability for the Deep Diver specialty) and the certification.


Courses on liveaboard

Do you want to turn your diving liveaboard into an opportunity to follow a course or improve your diving skills?

It’s possible! Simply add the price of the course above to the price of your liveaboard!

In the interests of comfort and safety for our divers and student divers, we limit the number of divers in training groups to 4.

This ratio is reduced for discovery dives and Open water beginner courses.


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