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To satisfy our divers and sea lovers, Globe-Divers chose to work with several partners in order to best meet your needs, your wishes and your budget.

The rates shown are basic prices in connection with our most competitive partner.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote!

Globe-Divers will offer you at least one option on 2 different boats with the benefits of each package so that we can define together the package that suits your demand the best.

Globe-Divers guarantees a personalized and honest service without bad surprises!



Exchange rate: 1 euro = around 44 baths

SIMILANS (2 dives) from  5100 baths (about €115)
KOH BON (2 dives) from 5100 baths
KOH TACHAI (2 dives) from 5300 baths (about €120)
RICHELIEU ROCK (2 dives) from 6000 baths (about €135)
BOONSUNG Wreck from  2500 baths (about €55)
Non divers/snorkelers from 2700 baths : including equipment: fins/mask/snorkel (€60)



Prices include:

– Entrance fees to Similan or Surin National Parks (Richelieu Rock);

– Transfers from your hotel in Khao Lak to the port (return);

– Lunches and soft drinks.


Prices do not include:

– Equipment. Costing between 500 and 900 baht (between 11 and 20 euros) depending on the chosen package;

– Supervision (costing 1,200 baths / around 30 euros per group / day).


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