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“If we don’t save the oceans, we will not be able to save ourselves. If oceans die, we die. This is my only message.“ Paul Watson


The most important issue for our planet today is to protect and conserve the biodiversity of the oceans. I do not think people realize how intimate our relationship is with the oceans. Not only are they the essence of life and control our climate, but life simply could not exist without healthy oceans. (…) If oceans die, then civilizations collapse and we all die. We cannot live on this planet without the oceans.

At the base of the ocean food chain, there is plankton: this is microscopic food that floats in seawater. This food is eaten by all small fish which are then eaten by larger fish. These fish are then eaten by even bigger fish, and so on until you reach the top of the chain with the shark.

The sea is self-sufficient when it comes to feed its protégés. Nothing gets lost. For example, when animals die, their bodies become larders for the other inhabitants of the sea.

Also, if we take the diagram upside down, it equates to saying that if there are no more sharks to eat large fish, that themselves eat smaller fish, that themselves eat small fish that themselves eat plankton. And then, all these people will disappear.


For over 400 million years, the animal at the top of the ocean food chain has been the shark. The shark is a predator, whose function is to regulate other species and living marine organisms, which makes its presence essential. If we kill sharks, the entire marine ecosystem will suffer through abnormal and unnatural disturbances.

Today, climatic changes and overfishing of sharks in all of their forms are already showing previously non-existing marine phenomena. Disordered migration seasons, endangered species that lead others to disappear without us even knowing about it, harmful species that proliferate because they almost have no predators anymore… All of these changes contribute to the loss of our oceans and lead us right to our own downfall.

Because the shark is not part of people’s daily lives, nobody pays attention to its slow and certain demise. When the shark will no longer be able perform its function in our oceans, it will already be too late to react. No more sharks = change in the marine ecosystem = immediate effect on plankton, responsible for half of the oxygen necessary for man and earth = disappearance of the oceans and the human species.

It is time to wake up!

Did you know…

It takes 10,000 kilos of plankton for 1 kilo of shark



Do you want to learn more, become a protector of our oceans through the protection of sharks and be able to know them better to help prevent their extinction?

Feeling 100% affected by this tragedy and the unfair and unacceptable eradication of these animals that are amongst the most fascinating in the world, Globe-Divers, in partnership with the Shark Guardian association, offers conferences and case studies during your cruise trips to Similan.

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