First level of certification: OPEN WATER DIVER


Have you been dreaming about it for a long time? Diving is like any other activity: you can learn it! Join us on this new adventure and come to discover the marvels that the submarine world holds by qualifying for a globally recognized certification! open-water-course-ascent-similan   The Open Water Course includes 3 different stages: – The development of theoretical knowledge that will help you understand the basis of scuba diving – Dives in a protected environment where you will learn the techniques you need in order to be able to dive safely – And finally, 4 dives in a natural environment to put all this into practice in the real ocean, and discover this extraordinary world that is the submarine universe! open-water-course-similan-2   Course duration: 3 or 4 days depending on your abilities!   1st day: Welcoming by your graduated instructor, briefing about the proceedings of the course, choice and manipulation of the gear, video viewing and theoretical explanations at your own pace. There you are, this is already the end of the first day! 2nd day: Put into practice what you learnt the day before and make your first bubbles in a pool or a protected lagoon! After a lunch break, finish the second theoretical part. 3rd and 4th day: Take off for two dives a day at sea from the boat. Your instructor will help you to perfect yourself and will make you discover the wonders of submarine life! There you are, you are qualified! Your instructor will deliver you your certification on the day. You can now go and enjoy new aquatic adventures! ludo-open-water-course-similan

We do not forget our beloved little ones: thanks to the OPEN WATER JUNIOR course, learning diving is also possible from the age of 10!

The Scuba Diver certification:

You don’t have time to take the entire course or you would rather take more time to finish the Open Water course? We thought of everything: after the light theoretical session, a short pool session and only 2 dives at sea, you are already a certified Scuba diver! This certificate allows you to dive without an instructor at a depth of 12 metres and is a credit towards the end of the Open Water course that you will finish later!

Do you want to become an open diver certified?

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