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Are you spending more than a day at the Similan and / or Khao Lak? Do you have several days ahead of you and want to enjoy your stay making several Similan diving trips without having to come back to the main land every day? Globe-Divers has the solution for you!

Take a diving cruise with us, you will return delighted with your stay!

Globe-Divers diving suits your needs and offers you the best quality / price ratio for your diving cruise according to your criteria, your dates and your budget. 

Because we have selected for you the best cruise partners, we guarantee the same state of mind and professionalism as the ones we offer and the ones you expect.

With its cruise partners, Globe-Divers offers stays of:

– 3 days / 2 night : from 24 500 bahts (about €550)

– 3 days / 3 night : from 24 900 bahts (about €565)

– 5 days / 5 night : from 34 700 bahts (about €780)


The Globe-Divers bonus advices:

1) The Southern Circuit: Similan Islands 4-9

We do not go to the islands 1-3 which are protected islands and closed to tourists all year long

2 days / 1 night and 3 days / 2 nights

From 24 500 bahts. If you want to book, click here


Have you not been diving for a long time and / or are level 1-Open Water with little experience?

Have you never dived and still want to enjoy a “snorkeling” cruise stay (fins/mask/snorkel) with an option that allows you to make one or more discovery dives during your cruise?

Do you have children accompanying you (divers or not)?

Do not hesitate; choose cruises to the Similan Islands/Southern tour! With dive sites suitable for beginners, Level 1, you will return after your stay enchanted with your dive!

The Southern Circuit covers most Similan Islands and chooses the best dive sites of the Similan Islands for you.

Possibility of courses on this circuit, please ask us, we will respond promptly with the greatest pleasure!




2) The Northern Circuit (3 days / 2 nights)

From 24 500 bahts. If you want to book, click here

National Park Similan and Surin (Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock)

Are you level 1-Open Water, Level 2 – Advanced Diver or more? Have you not been diving for a long time but you took a scuba review course before joining us*? Do you want to discover some of the worlds most renowned dive sites?

The Northern circuit is made for you!

The Northern circuit will take you to Koh Bon, famous for its beautiful bay and its fantastic East point, Koh Tachai with its amazing marine life and finally Richelieu Rock, the famous rock discovered by Jacques Cousteau, an absolutely unique and compelling site.

Warning, these dive sites can sometimes be reserved for experienced because of their exposure to currents. Feel free to ask us before booking your dive cruise. We will respond quickly and with great pleasure!.

Warning, sometimes, these diving sites can only suit experienced divers because of their exposure to currents. Feel free to ask us before booking your diving cruise. We will respond quickly and with great pleasure!

Possibility of Level 2 – Advanced course on this circuit but in this case, Globe-Divers would suggest you to choose the 5 days / 4 nights package. Contact us and ask us, we will talk together and decide what the best option for you is!

* You can take your review course with us! Simply allow an extra half-day.



3) The complete Northern and Southern circuit (5 days, 5 nights)

From 34 700 bahts. If you want to book, click here


Similan National Park including the Similan Islands and the Surin Islands National Park 


Do you have time on your hands or you came to the Similan especially for your diving cruise?

Do you dream of a complete cruise covering the maximum number of dive sites?

Then the 5 days diving cruise is the ideal one! It will leave you with unforgettable memories and encounters full of strong emotions…

The complete circuit will take you to the Similan National Park including the best diving sites of the Similan Islands, as well as Koh Bon and Koh Tachai, before heading to the Surin National Park where the mythical Richelieu Rock is waiting for you.

Courses opportunities on this tour, from beginner to advanced! Do not hesitate to ask us! Also ask for a personalised quote and we will respond quickly and always with great pleasure!




The advantages of liveaboards

When diving from a cruise ship, you have a wide range of dive sites at your fingertips!

Early morning dives and night or sunset dives allow you to dive peacefully, when day-trip boats have not yet arrived or are already heading back to the coast! It is therefore very likely to make unique encounters underwater, so much so that you’ll feel like you are part of this underwater paradise!

During your stay, you will have the freedom to plan your diving route according to your profile while enjoying the best advice. You are tired at some point during the cruise and want to skip a dive to relax? You will have time to enjoy the cruise ship and its relaxing areas for a well-deserved nap!

Finally, no need to carry heavy bottles and equipment as you do during day trips: all the diving equipment you need is stored on the boat when not in use and easy to access when you get near a diving site. The space reserved for your equipment is assigned to you upon arriving on the boat and you keep the same space throughout your stay!

You make the most of your diving time and you can also dive more often! In addition, when an opportunity to dive arises, your equipment is ready and waiting for you. The underwater photographers say they have many more opportunities during cruise holidays!





Desire to dive ?

Come and join Globe-Divers for a beautiful liveaboards starting from 24 500 baths (moreless 550€).

Book your dives from now using the following questionnaire!