Are you looking for new, unique sensations that cannot be compared with anything you already know? Experience breathing under water! With the Discover Scuba Diving, discover a brand new world full of unforgettable emotions, without the obligation to commit to anything! This programme allows you to do your “first bubbles” and then, if you fancy it, gain access to a first level of certification, called Open Water,





With the Discover Scuba Diving, you will learn to breathe under water, to move and to get to know your diving gear in shallow water (pool, lagoon or seashore), before exploring the submarine world at a maximum depth of 12 metres, for a variable duration depending on your air consumption!



Diving with Globe-Divers guarantees you to be supervised by an instructor adapted to you, who gives you all the time you need and makes sure you are safe whilst having fun!

Prerequisite: be at least 10 years old.

Desire to try diving?

Come and join Globe-Divers for your fisrt experience underwater! Book your discover using the following questionnaire!