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Or how to become a participant in sharks protection



Everyone must act according to his means. We believe that if our divers, who are mostly great travellers and therefore messengers around the world, are more involved, educated, and informed, and then we can help change things.

During your diving cruises, Globe-Divers and Shark Guardian offer conferences during which you will learn to recognize an animal, fill in its identity card, study its behaviour, decode its attitudes, etc. All this will be followed by direct implementation during dives in the Similan.

In the Similan, we have 3 main kinds of sharks:

– Reef sharks (blacktip, silvertip and with a lot of luck, grey sharks)

– Leopard sharks

– Whale sharks

Join us and help us to understand our sharks better, identify, index, and then protect them! I want to help protect Similan sharks: click here!



Our goal:

In partnership with Shark Guardian, Globe-Divers aims to take down the prejudices through conferences / training that will help divers learn more about the sharks that can be found in Thailand. Our first goal is to involve our divers in the protection of sharks through our direct actions with them at sea and during their dives.


In order to protect sharks, we must know them first. Knowing them better means to be able to observe and understand them, know how to interact with them, decode their rules in their natural environment and finally be able to list them in databases for international use!

Shark Guardian and Globe-Divers offer you lectures / training during your liveaboard, focused on the study, observation and identification of sharks during your dives on sites prone to encounters with these animals.

Through media such as PowerPoint, photos and videos, we will first offer you the opportunity to study the leopard sharks and whale sharks datasheets, to know who they are, their habitat, their diet, their lifestyle, their behaviour towards divers, etc. These periods of study and sharing will take place in the evening, before or after dinner.


The next day, a direct implementation of our knowledge will be used when diving. We decide together upstream of the role of each one of us in these magical encounters with the animals, and you will be loaned some equipment in order to fully optimize our work. You will then become a direct player in this great project that is the indexing of Thailand sharks!


Our little addition…

Through conferences / training, each diver who became a protector of sharks will have in their heart a desire to educate the other divers on the right behaviour to adopt towards the sharks around the world!

They will have the heart to convey a new message and to rehabilitate and promote a healthy image of these fascinating animals, more than ever in danger of death and extinction.

To thank you for your involvement in this international scale project, we will reward you with a Shark Guardian T-shirt! Feel free to make it travel all around the world…

On behalf of the oceans, on behalf of all our threatened sharks, on behalf of our survival, Shark Guardian and Globe-Divers thank you from the bottom of their hearts for your involvement in this incredible project!

See you very soon under water…


Book your conference / training now and become a key participant in the largest project of protection and counting Thailand sharks! 50% of the shark conference fee will be donated to the Shark Guardian association. To book your conference during your liveaboards, click here!