Overall presentation

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“If we don’t save the oceans, we will not be able to save ourselves. If oceans die, we die. This is my only message.“ Paul Watson   The most important issue for our planet today is to protect and conserve … Read More

Sharks of Similan

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In the Similan, we have 3 main kinds of sharks: – Reef sharks (blacktip, silvertip and with a lot of luck, grey sharks) – Leopard sharks – Whale sharks Reef sharks are extremely fearful when facing men and divers. This … Read More


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Or how to become a participant in sharks protection LIVEABOARDS-CONFERENCES Everyone must act according to his means. We believe that if our divers, who are mostly great travellers and therefore messengers around the world, are more involved, educated, and informed, … Read More

The wrecks

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Around Kao Lak, you will also be able to dive upon 4 local wrecks. They are accessible by cruise or one-day expeditions. BOONSUNG Formerly used to transport timber, this boat sank in 1984 and now sits between 18 and 20 … Read More


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  The mythical RICHELIEU ROCK! Richelieu Rock is THE most beautiful site around. Famous worldwide, it is part of the Surin Islands National Park, located 18km away towards the West. Mainly accessible by cruise, you can also get there on … Read More


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Koh Tachai is an island that has been part of the Similan National Park since 1998. It is located 20 kilometres north of Koh Bon, and is the last island north before the Surin islands. Similar to the other Similan … Read More


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The island is made up of limestone that forms cliffs on each side, and is covered with forests and plants. Nobody lives on Koh Bon because it has no proper access and no beach. Families of birds of prey have … Read More


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  The Similan Islands are a group of nine islands off the west coast of Thailand, at the heart of the Andaman Sea, in the Indian Ocean. They are about a 100 kilometres North from Phuket and 70 kilometres away … Read More