Prices – Dives in Burma

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PRICES CABINS 6-7 DAYS 6 NIGHTS DIVERS Standard Cabin 1099,- EUR below 10 years old Comfort Cabine 1.229,- EUR Deluxe Cabine 1.299,- EUR National Park Fees 190,- USD Dive guide 1 to 4 divers 180,- EUR 1 diver 180 EUR … Read More

Map Burma

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With many years of experience operating liveaboard and day trips in Thailand and to further in North, Myanmar, Globe-Divers opens a new destination on liveaboard only, Burma-Globe-Dive ! We offer Fresh Discovery of wild marine life and virgin dive sites, … Read More

Guest book

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You appreciated your dives and holidays together with Globe-Divers? Leave us a comment and share your experience just down here!

Overall presentation

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“If we don’t save the oceans, we will not be able to save ourselves. If oceans die, we die. This is my only message.“ Paul Watson   The most important issue for our planet today is to protect and conserve … Read More

Sharks of Similan

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In the Similan, we have 3 main kinds of sharks: – Reef sharks (blacktip, silvertip and with a lot of luck, grey sharks) – Leopard sharks – Whale sharks Reef sharks are extremely fearful when facing men and divers. This … Read More


The Brother Islands, the tops of two undersea mountains rising from the depth, can be explored while diving the Red Sea about 50 nautical miles off-shore, near the town of Quseir. Part of the Marine Park, they offer breathtaking underwater … Read More

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