Why choose Globe-Divers?


caro-prof-de-plongee1. Quality of the supervision and safety

Supervised by experienced instructors who listen to you with a real aim of exchanging knowledge and progressing, the quality of supervision is the indisputable priority at Globe-Divers: you are a person, not a number!

Our instructors are passionate and trained according to our values. Their adaptability and decision-making skills are essential qualities required by Globe-Divers for its monitors. Whatever your level is, whatever the climatic and environmental conditions are, they will be perfectly capable of making sure you dive safely and in compliance with the standards required by the diving community.



signe-ok-plongee-sous-marine2. The guarantee of an honest and personalized service

Choosing Globe-Divers is the guarantee to study together the best diving option according to your level, your wishes and your budget.

Our goal is not to “sell” you training at all costs without knowing getting to know you first: you will receive personalized and customized advice for your experience to be a success!



plongeur-signe-ok3. A precious state of mind

Family, club, independently or in small groups, whether you are a diver or not, you are always welcome and greeted with professionalism in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Globe-Divers welcome divers who share the same spirit: sharing, relaxation and good mood define our state of mind! If you also enjoy simple pleasures, sharing moments, if you have a positive state of mind, we are made to meet each other… Grumpy, refrain!


visuel-egypte4. Respect for the environment and protection of our marine animals

Globe-Divers falls in line with the companies involved and concerned with the protection of our reefs and marine animals.

By constantly working on our buoyancy in the water, encouraging observation and interaction with the animals via the study and respect of their codes, we hope to educate our divers the best we can and relay the message of the importance of respecting our surroundings.



Globe-Divers welcomes you and hope to see you soon to dive differently!

Enjoy the visit and enjoy your bubbles!

Globe-Divers Diving team

Dive with Globe-Divers